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To ensure that Terio will continue to lead in the development of products that meet or exceed customer expectations, we are committed to research and development. Within our Research Laboratory, we are conducting high purity Monoclinic Zirconia and Partially Stabilized Zirconia (PSZ), Super Fine and Purity Rare Earth Oxides, High Purity and big surface area Barium/Strontium Compounds, Titanium Oxide, Precious Metals Oxide Product, Sub-micrometer/Nanometer Grade Powder Materials for Thermal Barrier Coating (TBC), Catalyst, Thin Film Coating, Polishing, Fluorescence, Thermal Spray, Advanced Ceramics and Electronic applications (MLCC, PZT, PTC, PLZT).

Our Laboratory are also working with some university institutes and foreign consultant to meet the market requirements and seek technical support for our plants to make quality products.

Wherever the market demands, TERIO works closely with each business and production division. We are continuously striving to improve product and are seeking new development and peripheral products for our Zirconium, Rare Earth, Barium, Precious Metals and Fine Powder Material business.